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Tooth Extractions

Beachwood, OH

woman with toothache needs a tooth extraction in Beachwood, OH

When you have a tooth that is loose or has been eaten away by bacteria to the point that it is no longer a viable tooth, the only option is to have it extracted. When we do an extraction at Aspire Dental Spa, we make certain that it is the only option. Whenever possible, we want to save as many of your natural teeth as possible. However, there are rare instances where we may have to extract healthy teeth for your overall oral health. Our goal is to always do what is best for you and to make the extraction process as painless as we can.

How Are Extractions Done?

An extraction first begins with an exam. After we determine that an extraction is necessary, we will take x-rays so we can see what is below the surface of the gums. This will help us determine if we need to do a full surgical extraction or a basic one. We also need to know your full medical history to make certain we understand your overall health. Certain conditions can add complications to anesthesia or may impact how quickly you heal. We may need you to take antibiotics prior to the extraction to boost your immune system.

The first step we take on the day of your extraction is to numb the area. If we are doing multiple extractions, we may even give you a general anesthetic. Once this is done, we use special tools to disconnect the tooth from the gums and remove it. If the tooth is impacted, meaning it has not erupted out of the gums, or if it is broken off near the gumline, we may have to surgically cut open the gum and remove it. This is a more invasive process that typically takes us longer to do. However, for a basic extraction, the entire process typically takes no more than an hour.

When Do Teeth Need To Be Extracted?

There are several reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted. Often, impacted wisdom teeth need to be extracted because there is no room left in the mouth for these teeth. Wisdom teeth come in late in life and can crowd your other permanent teeth. They may also never erupt out of the gums, which can cause a number of problems. Since these teeth are not needed, we can easily extract them. This is done fairly often so the wisdom teeth do not cause problems.

Teeth that have fully broken in two or that have decayed to the point that they cannot be repaired also often have to be extracted. Sometimes, a tooth becomes infected and must be removed to prevent the infection from spreading. Periodontal disease can also make teeth become so loose that they need to be removed. If a tooth erupts out of the gums in the wrong place, it may need to be removed so it does not push the rest of your teeth out of their proper alignment. In this case, extracting one healthy tooth can save several others.

Who Needs To Have Teeth Extracted?

Anyone who has a broken tooth, a severely decayed tooth, or a tooth that is not aligned properly may need to have it extracted. However, the only way we can know for certain is if we examine you. You will need to call Aspire Dental Spa at (216) 342-4388 to make an appointment before we can tell if an extraction is necessary.