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Teeth Whitening

Beachwood, OH

before and after teeth whitening in  Beachwood, OH

Professional tooth whitening is a higher-grade whitening option that can transform a patient’s smile in ways that over-the-counter products simply are not capable of doing. The professional whitening you can receive at Aspire Dental Spa has many benefits over the do-it-yourself options, and it takes only about an hour. If you dislike how your teeth look and want to restore them to their natural pearly white shade, a professional cosmetic whitening treatment is the solution.

How Is Professional Whitening Done?

When you come in for professional whitening, the first thing we will do is put a special gel on your gums. This gel is designed to protect them from the chemicals in the whitening agent. After the gel is applied, we use the whitening agent on your teeth. Depending on which type of agent we use, we may either apply it directly to your teeth or put it in a set of special covers that are then put over your teeth. Some whitening agents will then need to be set by shining a UV light on your teeth.

Once the process has been completed, we carefully wash out your mouth so none of the agent or protective gel is left. We may also add a fluoride gel to help with sensitivity. The entire process from beginning to end typically takes about an hour. Some patients may need only one whitening treatment to get the results they want, while others may need to return a few times.

Professional Whitening Verses At-Home Kits

There are several reasons why our professional whitening treatment is better than the at-home kits you can find in many stores. Those kits do not use the same whitening agents. The agents we use are more powerful, giving your teeth a cleaner look that lasts longer. At-home kits are often difficult to use. Some of these kits may not cover your teeth completely, leaving some stained areas. Others may rub off as you eat or wash away if you drink certain beverages. Some do not last very long.

A professional whitening, on the other hand, will last longer. We ensure that the surface of every tooth is whitened and that there are no odd discolorations. Even if we cannot get the shade of white you want in one appointment, we can work with your schedule to have you return for several sessions.

How To Maintain Your Whitened Teeth

While a professional whitening will last longer, it may not be permanent. If you continue the habits that stained your teeth, they will become stained again. This includes smoking, drinking certain beverages such as coffee and tea, and even eating certain berries. To keep your teeth white, you will need to cut back on these habits and make certain you brush your teeth regularly.

Do You Need Professional Whitening?

Anyone who is unhappy with the shade of their teeth can come in for professional whitening. We will help you determine which shade of white you want and, often, can whiten your teeth right away. If you would like to schedule one of these appointments, call Aspire Dental Spa at (216) 342-4388 today.