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Dentistry For Kids

Beachwood, OH

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Even before their adult teeth come in, children need to come see us for dental care. There are times, in fact, when children need to see us more often than adults. We want to make certain their teeth are coming in as they should and that they have no oral conditions that require treatment. The team here at Aspire Dental Spa has worked with young patients for years, and we can help your children learn about oral hygiene and make certain they are healthy.

When Should Your Child First Come See Us?

We recommend children start to visit us when they’re around one year old. By then, they will likely have a number of baby teeth. During this visit, we will examine their teeth, mouth, and gums to make certain everything is healthy and is progressing as it should. If everything is on-track, we will begin seeing your child every six months for regular exams and, eventually, we will perform cleanings.

What Do We Do During A Child’s Regular Visit?

Your children’s regular visits with us will be very similar to your own visits, especially as they get older and enter their teen years. All of their visits begin with a visual exam so we can track their oral hygiene and look for signs of different dental conditions. When their permanent teeth begin coming in, we will begin doing dental x-rays. Generally, we do not do these x-rays every year as we would do with adults, but we may if we find signs of decay or if they are at a high risk of specific conditions.

One thing we will look for during our visual exam is signs of your child’s oral hygiene habits. If we notice that there are sections of teeth that have more plaque and tartar on them than others, it is likely they are not brushing very well in that area. We will work with them on proper brushing techniques and help them learn how to brush every tooth. Depending on how old they are, we will also talk to them about flossing and work with them to develop good flossing habits.

In addition to the exam, we will perform a deep cleaning of their teeth, just as we would with adults. This includes brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush and, in some cases, flossing. Younger children typically do not need to be flossed since there is often more space between baby teeth than adult teeth.

What Occurs During Irregular Visits?

If your child has had an injury, is in pain, or is concerned about their oral hygiene, you can always call and make an appointment with us. These appointments generally begin with an exam, too, but we focus much more on the trouble area. Depending on what we find, we may be able to do a procedure right away to handle the issue. In some cases, we may need to schedule the procedure or have your child return for a follow-up visit.

If your child is at the one-year mark, it is time for their first appointment. Contact Aspire Dental Spa at (216) 342-4388 to schedule this important visit.