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Dental Sealants

Beachwood, OH

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A dental sealant is a standard tool that dentists use for their patients to help in avoiding tooth decay and the formation of cavities. This preventive treatment is very effective, especially in teenagers and children, who have a high risk of developing problems like plaque build-up and cavities. By using dental sealant, the patient’s teeth are covered with a protective layer that has been bonded on the tooth’s enamel. Dentists apply sealants to the molars (back teeth) and premolars to prevent debris from lodging on the chewing surfaces. If this is something you think you or your child may need, contact Aspire Dental Spa to learn more about dental sealants and other useful ways to prevent cavities.

Benefits Of Sealants

There are numerous benefits to sealant treatments for children as well as adults. Here are some of the incredible benefits sealants offer and how your teeth can benefit.

They Are Pain-Free

There is nothing you need to worry about when going to a professional dentist to have your teeth sealants applied. This is because the process is painless. Typically, the dentist will use a special brush to have your teeth coated with a liquid resin on the biting surface. This resin will take just a few seconds to dry and then you can rinse it. It is very convenient and quick and will suit you well if you are a person who has a busy schedule.

Protective Shield Against Plaque And Foods

Protecting your teeth against plaque is one of the main benefits of having dental sealants. Imagine having a protective barrier that will keep your teeth protected from plaque buildup while preventing the effects of tooth decay. These sealants will give you protective coverage and will keep food from building up in difficult places that are hard to reach including the back of your molars. Therefore, you will never worry about tooth problems such as gingivitis, or invasive treatments such as the placement of crowns.

Added Support For Your Oral Care Routine

Even with the most thorough dental cleaning routine, you might not be able to clean all the crevices and cracks of your back teeth. However, dental sealants will work to keep out potential plaque and harmful foods that are hard to reach and hard to remove by flossing and brushing.

Dental Sealants Are Long Lasting

The most common question that most people ask is how long dental sealants last. Typically, a dental sealant can offer protection on cavities for about five to 10 years in most cases. First, your dentist will check the condition and then will perform a dental exam during your semi-annual dental check-up. Moreover, sealants will not incur damage from normal things such as biting down or chewing when eating. This is because they withstand the natural force of eating.

Dental sealants are an extremely affordable and simple procedure that you can invest in so that you can protect your teeth. Anyone can benefit from it from young people to adults. If you have more questions about dental sealants, Aspire Dental Spa and our staff can help in answering any additional questions. Please call us today at (216) 342-4388 to schedule a consultation and let us care for your smile.