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Benefits Of Clear Aligners In Beachwood, OH

woman placing her clear aligners in Beachwood, OH

Do you love your smile? If you have a wonderful smile that you love, you are lucky. Many Americans don’t like their smiles at all. Over 60% of all American adults find at least one problem with their smiles. Usually, when people find fault with their smiles, it’s because of teeth that are poorly spaced or issues with their bite. While adults may not like their smiles and want to fix them, they don’t want braces either. Luckily, there’s a solution for adults and teenagers who need help with their smiles: clear aligners. Here at Aspire Dental Spa our team is experienced in clear aligners and can get you set up with the best ones that fit your needs.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, work to straighten teeth a little at a time. Clear aligners are made of tough plastic. Rather than using braces to straighten your teeth with brackets and wires, clear aligners use a series of plastic aligners to straighten your teeth over time. Usually, you wear the aligners for a few weeks and then change them out for a new set.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Clear Aligners?

There are a lot of benefits of clear aligners. First, clear aligners are virtually invisible, which means they are difficult to spot. Second, while there are forbidden foods you can’t eat with braces, you can eat and drink whatever you want with clear aligners because you remove the aligners to eat. Also, it can be difficult to clean your teeth properly with braces. You can remove clear aligners to brush and floss your teeth.

Many people find that braces can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful, at times, especially when a dentist adjusts your braces. People sometimes have sores or areas where brackets and wires rub up against their gums or cheeks. With clear aligners, there are no hard edges, no painful wires or brackets to rub your gums and cheeks.

In general, clear aligners are cheaper than braces, and the treatment time is shorter. That’s because instead of trying to treat your entire issue all at once, clear aligners work on a few teeth at a time. In fact, your entire treatment plan is laid out before your treatment begins. You can even see what your teeth will look like after the treatment program is finished.

I Am Thinking About Clear Aligners. How Can I Get Started?

If you are thinking about clear aligners, your first step would be to contact our office. We can arrange an appointment for you to come in for a consultation. We will need to take some x-rays of your mouth and use 3D mapping to get an exact picture of your mouth. Then our dentist at Aspire Dental Spa can discuss your treatment plan with you. Are you ready to consider getting your picture-perfect smile with clear aligners? We can help. Why not give our office a call at (216) 342-4388 to schedule an appointment with us today?